Hair Removal
What does the treatment involve?

The hair is shaved on body areas, except the face in females where it is gently clipped. Sun protection is essential before and after treatment to avoid problems of pigmentation. Patients with a sunburn/recent tan should delay the laser session till the tan has subsided. Waxing and plucking should be avoided at least 10 days prior to the treatment and in between sessions. Shaving can be done any time before the laser if needed.

* Facial hair is never shaved before laser of the face 

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions will vary depending on the location, color, and thickness of the hair. Darker, thicker hairs respond better and require fewer sessions. In general, multiple treatment sessions are required, on average once a month. Some people may need maintenance treatments once a year once the desired hair density is reached. Facial hair specifically requires more sessions.

* Baby hair of the face is sometimes best treated with electrolysis and a cream, available at The Skin Clinic 

Are tanned and dark skin types candidates for laser hair removal?

Yes. The current technology using the Nd:YAG laser allows treatment of darker skin safely. 


Is the laser treatment painful?

The latest laser technologies available at The Skin Clinic are much less painful, with most people tolerating very well. Contact cooling with every laser pulse protects the skin from laser burns and reduces pain. The Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), attached to the Alexandrite laser , sprays liquid cryogen onto the skin simultaneously with each laser pulse to alleviate the sting of the laser pulse. These systems minimize pain during treatment. For the more sensitive patients, anesthetic creams or pain killers can be used prior to the treatment.

 An absolutely painless laser hair removal treatment is not damaging enough to the hair follicle and only provides short term results without the desired long term benefit. 

Are there any side effects?

Immediately after the treatment the skin will look pink and slightly swollen, similar to a sunburn. This will subside within an hour or two and the skin will return to normal. Cases of burns are extremely rare in our practice. A test spot is the best determinant of how each individual’s skin will react.

Why should I seek treatment by a physician?

Dermatologists are doctors with special training in skin, hair and nails. They understand the biology behind the hair cycle, the medical problems that can lead to excess hair growth, and the best way to treat them. They have both the background knowledge and specialized training to implement different laser treatments while minimizing serious side effects like burns and scars.

* Dermatologists simultaneously treat any underlying medical condition that is causing the excessive hair growth.