SKYPE Online Consultation

Remote Phone / SKYPE Online Consultation Service with Dr Touma is offered to clients worldwide.

SKYPE Online Consultation Please Note: In person consultations are always available. To schedule an in-person consultation you need to book an appointment from the form below.

We understand that the decision to start a treatment is a big decision to make. And, for some, traveling back and forth for a consultation to meet with the specialist, may be too difficult. That’s why Dr Touma is offering remote consultations over the phone via SKYPE. It’s easy and convenient.

With Skype online consultations you get to have a face-to-face consultation (via webcam) with the doctor from the convenience of your home.

The doctor will conduct the consultation just the same as if you were sitting in his office, even if you are hundreds of miles away. Using Skype with a webcam enables you to see the doctor, which makes communication far superior than talking on the phone or via email.

Skype is a software application that enables users to chat over the internet for free. If you have a webcam you can share a video conversation with another user. You can download the Skype software for free. For more information about Skype check out the Skype website:

NB: Please note that SKYPE Consultation is free, you just need to fill the form below and schedule your consultation. You can include any inquiries in the form below.


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