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I recently had my hair transplant procedure at Dr. Touma's clinic using the Artas robotic technology. The overall process was very pleasant. I arrived to the clinic in the morning and was treated extremely well by Dr. Touma, Dr Khoury Okais, and all the staff at the Hair Clinic. Given the extensive length of this procedure, it is important to get all the comfort possible, and Dr. Touma and his staff were very caring to every single issue during the day. The procedure is generally non-painful, there is minor discomfort at small stages but everything is very bearable. Most importantly, the post-op period is very gentle, I managed to sleep normally straight after the procedure and had virtually no pain the next day and all days after. The overall experience is fantastic and definitely worth the time and effort. Thank you Dr. Touma, Dr Khoury Okais, Lena, Hiam, Reema, and everyone at the Hair Clinic!


Ali T.

During my hair transplant, Dr Touma demonstrated expertise, professionalism, as well as genuine kindness and care. His staff are exceptional professionals and they made me feel like a King for the day! A potentially stressful day at The Skin Clinic turned out to feel like a very pleasant, relaxing day at a Health Spa. I'm forever grateful to him and his team.



I've been slowing going bold since the age of 25. Looking at different options over the years, Losing my hair changed me a lot, I lost confidence in myself. I would always wear a hat. I real tired of all the bald jokes. I wanted to step forward in 2010 and get something done. Finally, in 2014 I found a clinic in Beirut Lebanon that was yielding the best results and there it was "The Skin Clinic"


Peter N.

Dr Dany Touma not only is very artistic in his work, he works with honor.



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