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Hi Dr Touma, I'm wishing you well from LA! My Hair looks great - very fortunate to have undergone the procedure with you and your team.

In a cupla years, I'll look to get that top up 

Also, I'm wondering, is it also possible to get a procedure that increased density? Figure i could also do that

Again, what you guys have done with my head is pretty spectacular. People always comment on how i have normal hair now!



Dr Dany !!! I wanted to wish you a very happy new year and a big thank you for making such a huge difference in my life !!

I love my hair and my whole demeanor has changed because of it !!



Hi Dr Touma it's been a year since my transplant. Could not be happier.

Thanks for doing such a terrific job


H.N. California

Dr. Dany Touma and his staff are consummate professionals, and my recommendation of the Skin Clinic could not be higher. I received a hair transplant using the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method in July, and now, nearly six months later, I couldn’t be happier with the result. The growth of my hair has been so dramatic that I feel as if I look 26-years-old again (I’m actually 36), and I haven’t even experienced the full extent of growth from my transplant yet. Full growth happens after about a year or longer.

Dr. Touma and his staff were careful to explain the various procedures available for hair transplantation, and they recommended that I opt for the FUE procedure. It certainly was the right recommendation. Friends tell me that my new hair looks totally natural, and I did not sustain any scarring during the process. If you didn’t know that I received a transplant, then it would seem as if my old hair just magically reappeared. I should also emphasize how satisfied I am by the cost of procedure. In the United States, the state-of-the art FUE procedure is very expensive compared to other transplantation methods. But the price is far lower at the Skin Clinic for the FUE method even though the quality is just the same as in America, if not better. So if you’re from the United States, like me, then you can travel all the way to Lebanon for a hair procedure and still have plenty of cash to spare. So, in essence, if you want the best hair transplantation experience, look no further than the Skin Clinic. Dr. Touma and his staff won’t let you down.




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