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Welcome to The Hair Clinic

Hair thinning, or in extreme cases, baldness, is a common problem of both men and women, especially in the Middle East. Hereditary factors are by far the most common, but hormonal problems, diet, medications, certain diseases or stress are often a triggering factor.


As a hair transplant practice, we lead the hair restoration field with scientific innovation and an artistic touch. We provide our patients with proven hair loss treatments and transplants with the most natural esthetic results.


We understand the life transforming impact of surgical hair restoration and take pride in being as passionate about your hair loss as you are. Dr. Touma and his staff strive to meet the highest standards of care and ethics in our day to day practice, and to provide our patients with superior and compassionate care.

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Why Choose Us

Our Team

Our hair transplant team consists of full-time staff of 2 certified Dermatologists and 5 highly specialized technicians.

Results and Safety

We provide the best Hair Transplantation in the area complemented by the most advanced medical therapy. Giving patients natural permanent results.

Safety and comfort during the procedure are also of utmost concern to us.

Latest Techniques

We offer robotic hair transplantation among other techniques like manual FUE and strip hair transplantation in our constant effort to assure our patients customized procedures and offer them the best results.

Our Clinic

Our State of the Art Clinic is specially designed to deliver comfort and convenience to our patients and reflect our commitment to excellence.


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I underwent hair transplant surgery for my beard and scalp employing both the manual FUE and the robotic (Artas) procedures at the Hair Clinic. I was highly pleased on both occasions. The procedures, while lengthy, ran very smoothly. More importantly, the discomfort during and after the surgery was minimal and closely monitored and controlled, as was the downtime. While it is fairly early to judge the final results, I'm very happy with the current natural-looking ones. I have nothing but gratitude for Dr. Touma, Dr Khoury Okais, Mrs. Hiam, Mrs. Lena, Mrs. Layla, & the team for their professional and pleasant treatment. Needless to say, I highly recommend getting either procedure at the Hair Clinic.

Ali H.

I have been visiting Dr. Touma's clinic since 2006 so for 10 years I can confidently claim that he is an excellent doctor. I have had different concerns and we have tried several approaches and I can say that all were successful and I have been very happy to be his client. Dr. Touma is one of a kind and not only me who have been several times to his clinic - through the years - but my parents as well and soon my daughter will become his youngest client in our family.

Ghadir S.